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The Farella Brothers Gavin, Jamie & Chris are descendants of the Davis Family who hail from the down east part of The Outer Banks, a fishing town, called Beaufort (pronounced BO-fort) North Carolina. The Davis family were free men working as fishermen known as Chanteymen, who would sing hymns, gospel, and blues songs while hauling nets.  The Davis family had their own island called Davis Ridge where they had their own community and were self-sufficient. Growing their own vegetables, making everything from scratch.

 Every year, The Brothers would spend the summer in the Outer Banks vacationing and visiting with family and friends. Get togethers and traditions included barbecues and fish-fry's where everyone pitched in and everything was made from scratch using family recipes. The biggest influence in our upbringing was our dear mother, Cheryll. She instilled in us a great love of hospitality, showed us the importance of using quality ingredients and having respect for food. Mom could cook anything, Indian, Italian, English fare and soul food she could throw down in the kitchen. Sitting around the dinner table as a family sharing food and conversation was the most important part of the day.

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